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Economics Revision Cheat Sheet

econimics exam tips

The economics revision cheat sheet is a much-needed tool of students who want to ensure their examination’s success. Briefly, it can help you to plan for the exam revision of the economics subject, which is a science or discipline of studying about how people are using resources, study of scarcity, demand and supply or a study of decision-making. So what is such economics assignment help?

How Can Economics Revision Cheat Sheet Help

  • It saves time: If you would use one, you don’t need to search for information, formulas, and definitions manually, meaning you can save a great deal of time that you can use for other important activities, such as preparing for an examination for your success. With it, you can have a handy reference where to look up for meanings and equations, helping you finish with the review faster.
  • It improves memorization results: A pupil or student reviewing for examinations in economics have to spend time in memorizing specific formulas and terms related to their subject. By using a cheat sheet, they can memorize better because these sheets are designed to contain important details at a glance, meaning no need to read bulky text from a textbook or online source anymore.
  • It helps organize study: Each cheat sheet has its theme, such as definition of terms, formulas or quick facts, to name some. In this case, one can focus on a specific aspect or type to review as well as set manageable deadlines for review, preventing students from cramming and stressing themselves.

Is it a good practice to use a cheat sheet? Yes, it gives you benefits in studying for an exam, finding solutions, learning the meanings of terms and so many more advantages. Don’t think twice but use one now!

Economics Exam Help: Revision Guide

You should make use of a revision timetable but see to it that you’re not setting a too strict one for yourself or your kid. You should allow for a bit of flexibility in the schedule. Aside from that, here are other tips you need for a revision and economics exam help.

  • If you’re looking at five hours of daily revision, you should start early, and allow for short breaks in between for better productivity.
  • Work in a relaxing place. To remain focused, you can study in the library, or find another quiet and relaxing place without distractions for the best results. Also, choose a place where you’re comfortable with space and lighting.
  • Make flash card or try rewording notes, or do what makes you learn faster and better.
  • When it comes to revision, revise a subject that you dislike first before working on your favorite economics subject. Also, know your weaknesses, so don’t just revise the subjects or topics with which you are already familiar. You should also focus on your weaknesses and improve yourself on them. So if you’re using a model, you should understand it, along with the expected outcomes and assumptions.
  • When revising, you should use past papers for a quick idea on things you can expect. Also, these old test papers might give you clues on the question topics, although you don’t rely on them 100%.
  • Practice by giving yourself enough time on what you should expect in the exam day. Practicing can also provide you with needed ideas on what you have to focus on and what your strengths and weaknesses are.

Download economics revision notations and equations cheat sheet


Download economics revision key terms cheat sheet


Download economics revision economics basics cheat sheet


Exam Day Tips

  • Just like what you can see on an economics cheat sheet, you should know the importance of diagrams and tables in economics. Make sure that these are big enough to use.
  • Structure your answer by giving yourself time in reading the question. You should then be able to write a quick plan of things you want to write and follow your plan.
  • See to it that you’re explaining your graphs and diagrams, along with their relevance within your answers.
  • If you cannot answer one question, move to the next, and then just go back to that skipped question later if you still have time left.
  • Keep a positive attitude during the entire exam and avoid stressing yourself.

If you need some macroeconomics cheat sheet, click here!

Use an economics cheat sheet for practicing, reviewing and revising your examinations. They are handy guides providing you with quick reference and promote the better understanding of the subject in no time.

Use our economics revision cheat sheet today!