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Can you tell me who will write my assignment?
We have writers who are some of the best in our industry. We have 200 writers in 120 countries across the world and they are all native English speakers with a post graduate degree or doctorate. We will match you to work with a writer from your area, who will be familiar with your curriculum, and also an expert in English language work. With their example essays, editing or writing assistance you can be sure of submitting an excellent piece.

How can you guarantee your assignments help?
We combine English language professionals with procedures proven over 5 years of online service to be able to guarantee our help with homework assignments. When we proofread we do not give a piece a quick once over. We use 2 professionals with 40 years of experience between them and read your assignment 4 different ways to absolutely guarantee there are no errors in grammar, punctuation or spelling which would reduce your grade.

How can you help with my assignment?
We can send you tailored examples of essays which you could use for prompts. You can send us your own composition and we can edit and correct it for you. Or you can order our most popular help with assignments in the form of writing. Tell us what you need and when and we have someone with the skills and time to do it for you.

Do you copy and paste between clients?
Our strict company policy has always been that we will not issue documents that are not original. We understand the problems of plagiarism in education and industry. Our work methods make sure our customers have no problems with suspicion of copying or accusations of cheating.

Can you work quickly?
Our cheap assignment writers will mobilize to assist you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For time frames as small as 24 hours we can still get your work done on time whilst we still maintain all of our quality guarantees.

Who will know about me using your service?
From initial order to final report all the work we do for you is completely confidential. Also note that we have a very clear price structure with no hidden extras and you can pay by secure and safe methods which are widely used and trusted online.

What if I am not satisfied with your assignments help?
We issue a full satisfaction or your money back guarantee for all of our services. With our experienced and friendly support and writing staff, plus the quality of our products, we expect you to be delighted with our assignments help. In the unlikely event you are not fully satisfied we will refund your money without question.

We are confident that we provide the best help with assignments that money can buy. We are highly qualified, always available to any location, and the most cost effective way to guarantee your English language writing assignment is completed on time and to a standard that will get you a top grade.

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