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Good Calculus Cheat Sheet

Using a calculus cheat sheet

Calculus is one of those classes that gives many students nightmares. Most professors now allow the use of a calculus cheat sheet during exams. Experience has taught educators that forcing students to memorize all the different formulas does very little to help students actually learn calculus. Learning how to work formulas and knowing which formulas to use is what is important. Removing the need to memorize formulas allows more time to actually learn how to work them. Conversely, once a student is confident working a specific formula, it becomes much easier to memorize. Many first year calculus students will tell you being allowed to use a calculus formulas cheat sheet does not make the class easy. For students who haven’t studied and learned how to work the formulas, the cheat sheet might as well be an alien language.

The calculus cheat sheet improves students learning

Allowing a cheat sheet for calculus or a trig cheat sheet to be used during exams obviously makes taking tests easier for students, regardless of how difficult the class remains. Some of the ways it has improved learning as a result include:calculus cheat sheet

  • Provides students with poorer memories an opportunity. Memory skills can be improved on, but there are those who easily remember everything the first time, and those who will always have problems. With the focus on working formulas, students are graded on those skills and not partially on their ability to memorize.
  • Having the ability to use a cheat sheet gives some students confidence that improves performance. Some people are just poor test takers although they know the topic. Increased confidence improves scores in some cases
  • Increases studying. There are professors who only allow a certain size cheat sheet in the students own writing. Students often end up studying more in their efforts to determine which information they should include.

Ultimately the cheat sheet will help students who have studied and be useless to those who haven’t. A calculus cheat sheet aids, but does not replace good study habits.

We can help with your calculus problems

Our calculus cheat sheet is one of many services we provide. If you need more do my math homework help  than a cheat sheet provides, our calculus experts are well qualified to provide the assistance you need. Classroom instructors can’t always give enough time to every area individual students have trouble with. Using our service can get you back up to speed before you fall too far behind. Other advantages of our service include:

  • Guarantees that you will be completely satisfied with the service we provide.
  • Affordable rates to suit a student’s budget.
  • Courteous and friendly customer support 24/7
  • Complete customer confidentiality

When you need calculus help, contact us for the best online calculus assistance available!