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Interesting Science Facts and Experiments

Science develops and builds our knowledge about the universe and the world we’re living in. It helps us gain new ideas that can illuminate the world. Studying science is indeed one of the best subjects taught in schools. With it, people discover things around them and learn of new phenomena that exist. Over the years, the works of scientists have also helped people understand genetics, biology, medicine and other areas. Below, see important facts and experiments that you might be interested about.

interesting science facts

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Science Facts

  1. Chocolate Drug: Chocolate has anandamide that can stimulate the human brain, as marijuana does on it.
  2. Chicken is first: Chicken came first according to science, and not the egg. The protein making the eggshells is only produced by hens.
  3. Peanut butter can make diamonds.
  4. Air in blood: Scientists have developed micro-particle filled with oxygen that can be injected into the bloodstream so that we can live without breathing.

Science Experiments to Do at Home

  1. Freeze water in an instant: When purified water is cooled just below its freezing point, a quick nudge or an ice cube placed in it is all it takes for the water to freeze it instantly.
  2. Create your own hybrid rocket engine: With a combination of solid fuel source and a liquid oxidizer, hybrid rocket engines can propel themselves. And on a small scale, you can make your own hybrid rocket engine with pasta, yeast and mouthwash.

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