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Marginal Revenue Product Definition

marginal revenue product definition

Doing your home economics assignments and don’t know what is marginal revenue product definition? It is about the change in total revenue that results from the unit change in a variable input that keeps all or some inputs changed. Usually, it is abbreviated as MRP and it is calculated by dividing the total revenue change by the variable input change or it can be done by multiplying the marginal revenue to the marginal physical product.

Short History about Marginal Revenue Product

Marginal revenue product is the key concept for completely understanding the productive inputs demand. It is the additional revenue that is generated by employment or use of extra variable inputs and is somewhat related to marginal product concept.

General Information about Marginal Revenue Product

Marginal revenue product is about the total revenue change resulting from the changing of the output quantity being produced. It is an important component of the factor market analysis as well as marginal productivity theory. Additionally, it is guided by the law of the diminishing marginal returns. To know about the marginal revenue product formula, check this out:

marginal revenue product formula

There you have the marginal revenue product formula. It is essential to know the formula to find the answer you need. Aside from this, it is essential to know how to determine the marginal revenue.

Calculating the Marginal Revenue Product

The formula for determining the Marginal Revenue Product is:

  • Marginal Revenue Product equals Marginal Product multiplied by the Price

If you will abbreviate the formula, it will look like this:

  • MRP = MP * P

marginal revenue product definition and formula

So What Is MRP


After you determine how to get the marginal revenue product, it is better to dig deeper on what is MRP mean. It is known as marginal value product and it is the value of market of one additional unit of output. It is being calculated by multiplying the marginal revenue and marginal physical product.

Learning of these things, you will be able to answer and submit your homework on time. You can also get accurate answers for knowing the right formula to use in the problems. Also, by knowing how to get MRP, you will be able to answer any quizzes with relevant questions to MRP.

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