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Solving Combinatorics Problems

People Often Look for Online Help with Combinatorics Problems

combinatorics problemsCombinatorics really became a field of study in the second half of the 20th century. Developments in statistics, computers and physics all use various aspects of combinatorics and it is related to emerging work in number, partition and graph theory, plus perhaps the fastest growing area of discrete mathematics. A higher education or research career related to this specialty will require a good understanding of the concepts and high grades. Perhaps you are falling behind in the subject and cannot get the help you need from your teacher, or you just cannot grasp a concept the way they explain it. Contact our online math experts because they have the experience to help you with tutoring or perfect reference solutions.

Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics Solutions

Our staff of 200+ math experts are able to help you from school to post graduate level. With example solutions for reference, research of background data, checking and editing your own work, or creating a specific model answer from scratch, we can assist and you can learn. All our work is delivered with explanations of the methodology.

Some of our most common questions and requests for help among with function analysis come in the sub field of permutations and combinations. This is an important area many students have trouble with and we understand the situation. Consider some of our tips and guidelines. Remember that we can actually count and sort many sets of data by hand. Discrete and combinatorial mathematics essentially allows us to count without counting.

  • If the order does not matter it is a combination, if the order does matter it is a permutation

Consider a 3 number combination wheel lock. Getting three specific numbers in any order is a lot easier than getting them in the right sequence to open the lock. A permutation is an ordered combination. The lock can only open with a 2-4-7 permutation, others like 4-7-2, 7-4-2 will not work.

  • There are 2 types of permutation

Repetition is allowed such that the combination wheel lock could be opened by 3-3-3

These are the easiest to calculate because for N items we have N choices every time and so if we make R choices the number of permutations is NR. For the wheel lock we choose 3 times from 10 which gives 1000 permutations

No repetition is allowed and calculations are made using the factorial formula.

Consider a 16 ball tombola and a lottery made up of 3 numbers. Your first choice has 1 in 16 chance of being correct, the second 1 in 15, and so on. N is 16 and R is 3. In this case the number of permutations is given by n! / (n-r)! You have a 1 in 3360 chance of winning the lottery

We can provide you with assistance like this for other related topics like combinations with and without repetition, Pascal’s triangle and subset theory. Just let us know what help you want and we will provide it.

We Use Quality Staff to Provide Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics Solutions

We have clients in 120 countries and some have used our services for all the 5+ years of our operation. They value the one on one tutoring they receive from a real expert every time they make an order. From combinatorics to calculus practice problems you will always be matched with a personal tutor who:

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Order our discrete and combinatorial mathematics help to be sure of our 24 hour attention, affordability and reliability. We always deliver on time a piece of work guaranteed to be error free and unique. We want you to get a good grade and learn from our service. We work in complete confidence and offer a money back if not satisfied guarantee.

For the best available online help for combinatorics problems contact our support staff now, our team of English speaking mathematics experts are waiting to help!