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Solving Logarithms Can Be Easy

Why You May Need Help with Solving Logarithms

solving logarithmsFor any technical or numerate type career you will need to show a level of proficiency in mathematics and that most certainly will include the inverse functions, exponents, logarithms and solving algebraic expressions. Older readers remember the days before calculators when a book of log tables was essential for making calculations easier. That log maths application has gone but it is still the basis for how computers make calculations, a fundamental part of calculus, and the natural logarithm based on Euler’s constant is used in a wide variety of mathematical techniques and calculation methods. People use our services when they need some help understanding logarithms principles, are rushed for time or need a really high quality solution to refer to. Clients in 120 countries know we have the qualified experts to help them.

Background and Guidelines for Handling Logarithmic Equations

Our mathematics support team is there to provide the help you need for a specific problem but also for you to learn the solution method. Note that the Richter scale for seismic activity is logarithmic, as is pH, the base measurement for acidity, and the loudness of sound as measured in decibels. Learn about exponents and log maths from us whether you are at school, university or into your career.

The beauty of logarithmic functions is that they allow us to take an equation that is impossible to solve normally into another domain where a solution can be found, before converting back again with the answer. Doing so requires you to be systematic in your approach and follow certain rules. Our team of experts use a selection of tips such as these:

  • Establish the difference between logarithmic and exponential equations
  • Learn the parts of the logarithm equation, these being the answer + base + argument or number
  • Know the different log types. Natural logs are based on the fixed mathematical constant, of approximate value 2.7183, and known as ‘e’. Common logs use base 10 and other logs are based on any other number. Binary work uses a base of 2, hexadecimal applications in computers and language processors use 16, and we have even advised on base 64 work as applied to post graduate research in advanced computer geometry.
  • Apply the properties of logarithms. Multiplication, division can easily be learnt for numbers and also variables. Changing the exponent position or switching bases can also allow for solutions to be found. The fundamentals are easy to learn with the right examples or tutoring.
  • Practice makes perfect, keep doing problems to reinforce your skills. Consider the principles used:

    4a x log2 = log8

    Divide both sides by log2

    4a = log8 / log2

    Use change of base

    4a = log28
    Compute the value of the log.
    4a = 3

    Divide both sides by 4.
    a = 0.75

  • Check your result. Go back to the original equation and verify that your answer is correct.

We Are the Best Exponent and Log Maths Help Service on the Internet

We believe we are the best because of our affordable prices, expert staff, rigorous work practices and outstanding customer support. We can help you with anything whether you need to solve logarithms or multiply monomials. Consider the following:

  • Round the clock availability with cheap prices and large reductions for returning customers
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  • Fluent English speaking helpers with a mathematical related Master’s or PhD from a good school. Each of our 200+ team of experts understand solving logarithms and know how to teach you
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Do not worry about your school homework or college assignment if it involves anything to do with solving logarithms we can teach you how to arrive at the perfect solution!