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Trig Cheat Sheet for Exams

Can I use a trig cheat sheet for exams?

A trigonometry cheat sheet is usually a collection of different formulas that may be needed in solving trigonometry problems. A large number of instructors have no issue at all with students using a trig cheat sheet during an exam. Knowing how and when to use the formula is what instructors are concerned with. Memorizing a long list of formula doesn’t really teach anything at all about trigonometry. Ultimately it is the instructor’s decision, but memorization of formula serves mostly to penalize students with poor memories, and has no relation to actual ability to work trig problems. For students who haven’t learned how to work specific formulas that are on the cheat sheet, it will be of no benefit. To use the cheat sheet, you must know how to work the problems.

Advantages to using a trig cheat sheet during exams

Obviously, being allowed a trig or geometry formulas cheat sheet means you don’t have a bunch of memorization tasks. However there are other advantages:trig cheat sheet

  • Save time. Exam time is pressure time. Many students know the material but some are faster than others. Having an easy reference tool can shave a couple of minute off of time spent looking up a formula. At your next trig exam look around and see how many are frantically writing when time is called. That is how many students would love an extra minute.
  • Gives confidence. Some students are good exam takers and some are not. Many times the difference isn’t in ability but is a confidence issue. The idea of a trig cheat sheet they are allowed to reference, can give a confidence boost that does actually make a difference.
  • Improve learning. Students with poor memories are dead before they start without a formula reference. They may know very well how to work a problem, but if they know they don’t have formula correctly memorized, there is no point in continuing. The trig cheat sheet allows them to work problems that an inherently poor memory wouldn’t if a reference were not allowed.

Academic help when you need it

The trig cheat sheet our experts have written should prove beneficial for trigonometry students. Our company provides academic services in many subjects. Math homework help is provided by a college graduate in the subject area at the appropriate academic level. Providing top quality academic help benefits our company as well as the students assisted. Our success as a business hinges directly on our customers academic success, so you can be assured of our commitment to providing the best assistance possible. Other benefits of our service include:

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When you need academic help or a trig cheat sheet, contact us for expert help at affordable rates!