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Value Added Definition

It is essential to know the value added definition so that you can work on your homework better and finish it on time. Online, there are many definitions, but they can be confusing for students. Keep reading and learn how to deal with these high school economics assignments through its correct definition and some explanation about the term.

definition of value added

Short History of Value Added

Value added definition simply describes the company enhancement of its service or product before they offer any of these to their customers. In addition, it applies in some instances in which the firm takes the products that can be considered as homogeneous ones and have few differences from competitors, giving potential customers with add on or feature that provides a greater sense of value. In practice, the term is being used in describing how a component or service can add to the product’s usefulness.

General Information about Value Added

Value added is the difference between the price of service or product and its production cost. When it comes to price, it is being determined by what customers are willing to pay that is based on the product or service’s perceived value. Finally, keep in mind that value is created or added in different ways.

value added definition

What Is Value Added

Value added is all about changing a product form to produce a high quality product and taking a raw commodity. It is defined as an addition to place, from utility or time to commodity in order to meet tastes, interests and preferences of the buyers or consumers. This means that value added is about knowing what buyers want, the time they want it and place they want it. So what is value added when it comes to substantial benefits? In the simplest terms, value added gives substantial benefits such as increased in the ability in capturing a percentage of the farm up to retail price spread.

By learning about these things, you can be sure that you can solve any problems related to value added. As a consumer, it will also help you figure out if the product or service really has improved or not with the added benefit, as promised by the maker. And as a student, you will be able to make an analysis of any given problem and figure out what to do and how to solve it.

Synonyms for Value Added

Here are synonyms for value added:

  • Noun: It is something as an item or equipment that has been added to the product by the distributor or marketer to warrant a markup in retail price.
  • Adjective: It is something supplying or relating to value added.

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